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Vance Amory Airport

Vance Amory Airport
Vance Amory Airport has a 1,220 meters (4,026 feet) runway equipped with precision approach path indicator (PAPI) and a modern terminal building.
  • Annual Cargo movements over 267,000 lbs
  • Annual passenger movments over 81,000
  • Annual aircraft movments over 9,600, (which includes, 1,600 private aircraft movements).
Scheduled Flights:
  • Winair 
Nevis to St. Maarten once daily
  • LIAT  
Antigua to Nevis  (Wed, Fri, Sat)
  • Coastal Air
St. Croix to Nevis three (3) times per week
Nevis to San Juan twice daily
  • Air Sunshine
Nevis-St. Thomas-San Juan (Sun, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat)

LIAT# 317
Depart St. Maarten 14:20 Arrive Nevis       14:50
Depart Nevis 15:05 Arrive Antigua   15:35
LIAT# 510
Depart Antigua 16:30 Arrive Nevis       17:00
Depart Nevis 17:35 Arrive Tortola 18:25
Depart Nevis 07:30 Arrive St. Maarten 08:05
Depart St. Maarten 17:55 Arrive Nevis 18:30
CAPE Air# 4861
Depart Nevis 10:00 Arrive San Juan 11:30
CAPE Air# 4831
Depart San Juan 16:21 Arrive Nevis 18:00
CAPE Air# 4821
Depart Nevis 08:45 Arrive San Juan 10:15
CAPE Air# 4871
Depart San Juan 17:31 Arrive Nevis 19:30
Air Sunshine# 1501
Depart Nevis 08:30 Arrive St. Thomas 09:30
Depart St. Thomas 10:00 Arrive San Juan 10:45
Air Sunshine# 1508
Depart San Juan 16:00 Arrive St. Thomas 16:45
Depart St. Thomas 17:00 Arrive Nevis 18:00

Charter Services
  • Carib Aviation
  • Windward Island Express
  • St. Barths Commuter
  • Others

Refueling Services:
JET A and AV-Gas fuels presently available.

Full Air Traffic Control Services provided to all aircraft.

Aircraft Rescue and Firefighting category of the airport is 8.

VIP Services available with wireless internet access and Cable TV.

Restaurant, snacks and Gift shops.


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